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January 30, 2017


Over 60 local leaders, including the Mayor Naheed Nenshi, gathered to celebrate Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s third annual Calgary Champion recognition event. Calgary Champions are leaders in their fields who work with Meetings + Conventions Calgary as city ambassadors to bring their industry’s conference to Calgary. This program matches local leaders with Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s resources, resulting in competitive bids to bring national and international conferences to Calgary.

This year, the Champion Program succesfully brought 8 conferences to Calgary.

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June 8, 2016


Within 5 minutes of talking with Trish Neufeld about the International Play Association (IPA) Conference, you can tell she is inspired by the event. The conference is coming to Calgary in September of 2017and offers a space for experts and practitioners from around the world to come together to learn and share their passion for play. Trish says, “this city has an inclusive and can-do attitude, I’ve witnessed it first hand and it’s moving –it’s really moving. The 1988 Calgary Olympic legacy built a sense of community and commitment that is still really strong today and has carried down through generations in the city.”

Trish is the IPA Conference Lead and she has been involved in city events including the 1988 Calgary Olympics, World Skills and the Inter-American Development Bank. She sees this conference as a catalyst to mobilize the Calgary play community. The IPA aligns with the City of Calgary’s recreation vision to provide a vibrant community for children and adults to be active, creative, cultural and have social literacy. The convention legacy will help to preserve, protect and encourage play as a fundamental human right. The City is working in partnership with IPA to make sure the event follows the mandate and goals of IPA while ensuring delegates get a true Calgary experience.

24 Calgarians have come together who see the importance of play and want to create a conference legacy by providing opportunities for local groups to actively participate and share information in the conference.

This committee includes representatives from:
– Boards of Education
– Mount Royal University
– The University of Calgary
– Calgary Zoo
– TELUS Spark
– Recreation and Leisure Facilities
– City of Calgary

Trish looks forward to watching passionate and committed people come together. She says, “they want to learn and share, and to step back and watch that occur is magical. It is my job to create the environment where it will happen and that is where Meetings + Conventions Calgary is a huge support”. With Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s support Trish, the city and committee are able to focus on achieving the right environment while Meetings + Conventions Calgary takes on the details that are fringe tasks that need certain expertise. “This is my first time working with Meetings + Conventions Calgary and the value they bring is great so I can focus on the content and organization of the conference,” says Trish.

January 20, 2016

Calgary Champions Recognized

On January 20th, over forty local leaders from an array of disciplines were celebrated at Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s second annual Calgary Conference Champion recognition event. Calgary Conference Champions are leaders in their industry who work with Meetings + Conventions Calgary as city ambassadors to bring their industry’s conference to Calgary. The Meetings + Conventions Calgary Champion Program matches local leaders with Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s resources, resulting in competitive bids to bring national and international conferences to Calgary.

Two Calgary Champions, with events that took place in Calgary during 2015, were celebrated for their success in securing and hosting their conference in Calgary.

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July 14, 2015


Currently living in Ontario, Rev. Dave Wells, General Superintendent for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada is the Champion for Calgary’s successful bid for the World Pentecostal Conference (WPC). The conference, hosted by the Pentecostal World Fellowship, will welcome over 2,700 international delegates to the city August 27-30, 2019. Collaboration between the local Calgary team, First Assembly Church and Meetings + Conventions Calgary, and the national support from Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, led to the success of the bid. Wells explains “[The bid] started with a motivated group in Calgary, and then I got looped in and became motivated to provide my support.” As a member of the Pentecostal World Fellowship Global Executive (which works with local planning committees on their upcoming events), Wells knew the conference would be a great fit for Canada.

2019 is an exciting year for the event to be held in Canada, with two of the organizing groups (the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and the Apostolic Church of Pentecost) both celebrating centennial anniversaries. The Pentecostal World Conference is the triennial global gathering of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, which has over 90 million members worldwide.

Feb 27, 2015


Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to announce in partnership with Meetings + Convention Calgary that delegates from around the world will be hosted in Calgary at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame for the 46th annual International Sport Heritage Association Conference September 26-28, 2016. The theme for the conference will be utilizing new and emerging technologies to create innovative, interactive and entertaining museum experiences. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to explore the 40,000 square foot international award-winning facility in Calgary featuring 12 visually stimulating galleries with more than 50 high-tech interactive exhibits including sport simulators, touch screens, motion activated exhibits and a 120-seat theatre.

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Feb 4, 2015


The inaugural Calgary Champion recognition event was held on Thursday, January 29, 2015. This event connected over thirty-five leaders from a diverse array of key Calgary associations and industries. Focused on bringing together current and new Champions, the dinner sparked networking within the community, and celebrated four Calgary Champion success stories.

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