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Calgary is more than a place to meet. We connect visitors and Calgarians - our city’s greatest resource. We are a place where collaboration, innovation and meaningful relationships begin.

Calgary’s Intellectual Capital


Calgary has all kinds of energy.

While surrounded by natural resources and beauty, the city’s most palpable energy is its people: young, diverse, educated, affluent and innovative.

During the past 20 years, hundreds of thousands of people from across the country and around the world have moved to the city to capture (and often create) opportunities in this dynamic modern city. Tens of thousands more visit and do business in the city for the same reasons.

Discover what is driving people to meet, work, live and invest in Calgary.

Calgary’s Intellectual Capitals Supplement is a partnership between Meetings + Conventions Calgary and the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

Discover the sectors driving Calgary’s Intellectual Capital Energy

Jim Gray, Energy Group, Brookfield Asset Management

Calgary is Canada’s uncontested oil and gas capital – the engine that has propelled Canada’s economy for the past decade and the decision-making epi-centre for 4 percent of international oil and gas production and 15 percent of worldwide energy deal flow.

“People represent opportunities. People don’t come here and look at an oilfield. . . . They look for relationships. They look for people.”  – Jim Gray

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Meet the people driving Calgary’s Intellectual Capital

Mary Moran

Mary Moran, President and CEO, Calgary Economic Development

Collaborating with local industry, Mary Moran leads Calgary Economic Development in their mission to advance opportunities for smart growth to achieve individual, business and community potential for Calgary.

“Calgary has a great story. It’s a competitive and friendly environment to get business done” – Mary Moran.

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Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, President and Vice Chancellor, University of Calgary

As an intellectual hub, the University of Calgary translates their knowledge out to the community and commercializes inventions that are created in their labs. Dr. Cannon explains that the technology transfer arm at the University is Inno­vate Calgary, an incubator which ensures discoveries are found and nurtured.

“Having the people in our community that understand us, that can leverage the energy that you feel in the city of Calgary, is absolutely fundamental to our commitment to be a global intellectual hub.” – Elizabeth Cannon

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